Welcome Students!

“The T” transit system is ready for boarding!¬† Check your app and catch your bus.¬† Join us as we top the Hill, grab the Link, and round the river on the Neyland Express!

The University of Tennessee’s transit system, “The T”, provides our students, staff, faculty, and visitors a safe, convenient, and efficient campus-wide transportation service. Service is fare-free for all passengers.

Each new bus incorporates clean design and interactive technology. Features include:

  • Four USB charging stations located at the back of each vehicle.
  • Real-time GPS tracking to monitor current location and arrival time.
  • The UT mobile app¬†integrates the T’s GPS tracking map, route stop information, and news updates on route and service changes.
  • Front-of-vehicle bicycle racks on full-size buses (The Fort, Neyland Express, The Hill, and Late Nite Routes) .
  • All T vehicles run on biodiesel.
  • All T vehicles are accessible to passengers with disabilities.
  • The Access, Link, ORNL/PSCC and JIAM services operate on smaller mini-buses.

UT selected First Transit to operate the T, which began service June 1, 2013. First Transit operates more than twenty campus transit systems and has more than fifty years of private transit experience.