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Due to Cumberland Ave utility construction closing the two westbound lanes, the ORNL bus stop at James Agee has moved to 17th St.

Running late and need to get back to SC40. Call the T-Link after 6 pm for On-Demand Service to the SC40 parking area.

Cherokee Mills adds new stop at University Commons Way and Joe Johnson starting Mon Mar 18th

Update Neyland Express inbound to campus saves 15 minutes with revised route.

New stops for Ag Express near Morgan Hall, transfer spots to the Hill Bus, and stops to and from Sorority Village.

Neyland Express bus impacted by more stops on campus. Leave earlier to travel across campus.

Thu Jan 18th – UT closed – NO on campus T Bus. The only route operating will be the ORNL/PSCC route.

T Link will operate limited service Wed Jan 17th. Only able to operate on major roads that are cleared, no service into the Fort.

UTK closed Wed Jan 17th due to weather. NO T Bus service